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Thank you for considering to play with us!

Register your game account here This will require a valid e-mail address to receive the activation code.(THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS YOUR FORUM ACCOUNT)

Client Download is available in our forums. Register and activate your forum account to have access to the forum and client download.

While the client downloads use the following links to join our community Discord, Facebook Group, and browse our forums.

Our Discord is the most talkative area for our community. Lots of chat happens between players of all races here.

Our Facebook Group is where majority of the community media, events and social-networking happens.

Our forums are where permanent announcements, events, and communication is posted forever. This is a long-term forum that people can look back on years from now for questions or answers before they need to ask them.

Lastly but possibly most important, please visit our Details page. Here we try to summarize who Altruism is, what our perspective is, and what our goals are. This page also includes all the details for our server.