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Our Story

We have each played this game for 10 or more years. Like a majority of the feedback appears to be for all servers, we think the game by itself doesn't need much changing to be most enjoyable. We think that balance requires constant involvement keeping things in check. The reasons that RF appeared to be a success to us fall into a few areas.

PVP is the best part of this game! Sure it can be easy to point out how this PVP and targetting system is outdated and buggy but we're stuck with the engine that we have. Sometimes it's really enjoyable because of how simple and straight-forward fights can be and it comes down to char strength, utility, and teamwork.

The only way to get stronger is by upgrading items, getting rare items, or reaching a higher level to use new items. Upgrading(almost of any kind) requires materials obtainable through ore. The ore is generally only attainable through chip war which continuously re-encourages pvp in the game.

Utility has fallen out for some time but it was one of my favorite things. Some people really enjoy playing unique(and less popular) classes. Runes and Charms largely ruined the viability of "middle" pure classes.

Aside from the pvp and gameplay itself, everything else that RF offers is due to it's community. From launch and into the future we will always have the players as our focus and have communication together. We are opening this server so that hopefully there's a decent place to play classic RF.

We believe that the majority of players feel the same way about RF as our staff. Why can't there just be a server that has the plain old game without people screwing it up. People grind, farm, kill rare bosses, and upgrade weapons. The plain game was great and just needs attention to maintain balance. Below we'll address how we plan to achieve this. Everything should be default unless otherwise mentioned on the details page. Below is the concept of of what we're going for.

Our Plan

We think that 55 is probably the best cap for RF online. We know and admit that there's cool content higher than that, maps, shiny items, etc. and we may try to find a way to scale them down or incorporate that content later but it would be far off and currently unlikely.

With a 55 cap people will have access to almost all game-content and most maps will still be relevant for leveling(more areas for legitimate pvp). Most farming would happen in ether, most leveling in VC/BM. We'd need to look into a reason to make OCL desirable outside of the PB. With enough teamwork all major pb's should be doable in 55 gear.

We have removed all runes and charms except silence/aggro gens. We feel like all runes oppress unique class utilities. See details page.

All upgrades will be manual, to achieve this, plenty of materials will be needed. To aide this approach we will make sure ore is plentiful. As the winning race, we want you to have to decide whether you will spend the next 6 hours mining or grinding XP. We do not want the winning race to be able to deplete the ore deposits in 20 minutes and go grind more. We want the winning race to have both options available but not given outright.

HQ and settlement pit bosses will drop talics again like they used to back in the day. This will give a reasonable source for manual upgrades as well as superior armor for players.

Int+4 should be pretty attainable through manual upgrades, +5 probably a lot more rare without lots of failures. Keep in mind, we're not changing success rates of gems.

When we think back to what is primarily agreed on as the best iteration of RF, codemasters, most players were 45-54 range. There were 55's but it took time and effort to achieve. Not every player reached max level, in fact most did not. We don't think max level should be for everyone. It is the max level after all...

We would like to point out that we have consciously made 50+ difficult to achieve. We don't want 90% of the player-base to reach max level and get bored. We remember playing chip wars where all players 40-55 were relevant. There were people in 55 gear that were powerhouses and there were lower level people with decent gear that were able to contribute. Given these points, we'd like the majority of players to hit 50 requiring some effort and activity. We'd like 55 to be for characters that really grinded a lot.

We are not trying to make any profit from this server. We're old now and just want a good place that people can enjoy the game including ourselves. While we don't want to make profit from this, we don't want this to be a charity from us either. The easiest way to handle this is to put all revenue towards costs. If we receive more revenue than what it costs us then that means we can just guarantee the server will be open for the next 12 months, 20months, etc. We'll keep you updated on our costs and how far ahead we are.

We really do not want to have anything pay to win but since we have to ensure some revenue coming in for costs we tried to be careful what would be accessible via Altruism Points and cash shop. We came up with the idea that whatever we allow people to get through cash shop, it should always encourage active playing. Check the details page for more info.

We will always be evaluating what is in the cash shop. We just want you to know what will always be going through our minds when deciding those items.

We will be playing too. You will know who we are. We have all the same rules and confinements as you. We will always be paying attention to the balance of the races. We will always be in communication with the community. Everything we do will be as transparent as possible.

Revised: 16th Nov
Official Server Details

Official Server Details

Server Location: Europe
Current Server Time: 12:58AM
Level Cap: 55

Server Rates
Experience: 2x, Drops: 3x, Animus: 5x, Skill PT: 3x, Force PT: 4x

The goal has always been to deliver a "classic" experience for players. One difficulty is that "classic" means something different for each player. We've tried to make every decision and/or change using official publishers as a reference. There are a few occassions where we don't think something makes sense and we decided to do it our own way.

Current Reference List: Codemasters, CCR, GamesCampus, RedFox

Content CCR - Includes: Superior Items, Ancient Armor(Shirou, Palmas, Dragon, Daidalos), 50 Archon Armor, 55/53 traps, Returnee Weapons, 40 Weapon Box, HDH Accessories, Relic Weapons, Rare D/E Weapons, etc. CCR - Removed: GVG, ETS, Daily Quests, OP-N, 45-60 XP BD's, Runes, Charms, 55 Archon Armor, Mail, Gold Points, 45 Weapon Box
NPC's CCR: Guard towers are in elan and guild room, traps are in Elan/OCL, HQ has 4k/5k potions. No 6k pots, this will make it so Animus, MAUs, etc. don't need to be as strong. This makes DPS classes more viable too, not just spiking through huge pots with a couple skills.
Battle Dungeons Codemasters: Level 40, 45, 50 leon pieces will reward from the classic dungeons 41-45, 46-49, 50-55. There will still be Leon boxes you can exchange from talics. 50-55 Battle Dungeons will give 50(55) C-Type armors, int 53 armors, int 55 weapons. 45-49 Dark Holes drop 40(45) and 45(50) C-Type weapons. 50-55 Hora Dark Holes will drop Hora Dark Hole boxes. Changes: Instead of normal 50-55 BD's dropping int 55 armor pieces, we changed it to give int 53 instead since XP here is a low rate.
PVP Point Vendor & Items CCR: Normal list of PVP weapons. Prices adjusted based on our PVP Points available per day. Added: Instead of using GoldPoints for these items, we have decided to add them to the PVP Point Vendor to encourage more PVP. Rare D/E 50 Weapons +0, T1/T2/T3 BM/OCL Amulets/Rings, T5 gems, and Red Stone boxes so we can make sure there's enough materials for C type armor crafting. All PVP Point items are tradable. If you worked for it, you should be able to do what you want with it.
Cash Shop & Altruism Points Altruism Points: Purchased from our website and used for the cash shop in game. Cash Shop: Our goal is to make free to play RF online fully possible. To accomplish this we feel like the cash shop should be very low cost, fully-tradable, and limited in items.
Maps & Level Requirements to Enter Codemasters: Beast's Mountain 47, Outcast's Land 49 CCR:Volcanic Cauldron 40, Cartella 50, Elven Land 55, Sealed PB Zones
Ammo, Grenades, and Launcher Ammos CCR - Changes: We think everyone pretty much knows that the cash shop ammo is a requirement for rangers to be viable at all so we put vulcan and beam cell types into Foreign Vendor NPC as 30k ammo pieces. All other types of ranged and launcher ammo are in Rare Tools NPC as 30k pieces. Grenades are in normal NPC's as 30k pieces
+4 Ore Altruism: GVG had to be removed so that people cannot bug set bonuses with council armor, ancient armor, and other sets. Since no guilds will be able to win settlement possession we had to think of a way to get +4 ore to players. The original system with GVG provided the same amount of +4 ore to all 3 races through their 2 settlements. We liked that it was a fair amount for all the races and it wasn't endless however one downside was that there could be a monopoly on the ore by 2 guilds. We have added 5 stacks of +4 ore to guild room NPC's that refills every 12 hours so players of different times can get ore.
Class-Skill Buffs Altruism: We have flattened all class-skill buffs to 300seconds so that they expire at the same time. 1080 seconds is far too long and removes the window for counterplay (like keeping stifle applied).
Multi-Client Altruism: Our client will support dual-client. Do not edit or manipulate game files to open more than 2 clients at a time per computer.
Vote Points Altruism: Since we are focusing on a low-price and full tradable set of items from cash shop, we will not be using vote points for anything that is in cash shop. Voting helps the server. By helping us we wanted to have a way to give back to all players. Register and login to Vote to see the items currently available.
Altruism Fixes & Choices Altruism: Paimon aggro works. Berserker Double Crash skill has the 'classic' 2.1.5 animation.