Official Server Details

Server Location: Italy
Server Time Zone: GMT+1
Level Cap: 55
Register & Download: Via Forum

Experience: 2x, Drops: 3x, Animus: 3x, Skill PT: 2x, Force PT: 4x

Key Features
Includes: Superior Items, Ancient Armor, 50 Archon Armor, Gold Point items/weapons from PVP points, single target catapults, 55 traps, returnee weapons, 40/45 weapon boxes, must loot holy mental scanner to mine or get 5k cp, classic 2.1.5 double crash swag animation, working paimon aggro
Excludes: GVG, ETS, Daily Quests, OP-N, XP BD's, Summer Update, Runes, Charms, 55 Archon Armor, Mail, Gold Points

Vote Points and Altruism Points
We will always be listening to and considering player feedback.

Altruism Points: Our goal is to make free to play RF online fully possible. To accomplish this we feel like the cash shop should be very low cost, tradable, and limited in items. To see the items and how the math worked out, there is a table on the buy points page after logging in.

Vote Points: Since we are focusing on a low-price and full tradable set of items from cash shop, we will not be using vote points for anything available in cash shop right now. Voting helps the server. By helping us we wanted to have a way to give back and the solution we thought of was the luxury of using a UMT. The only way to get a UMT is by voting. They are not tradable either so unless you vote, you will not have a UMT.

Key Solutions & Balance

/All: Blue powder will be required to use /all. There is not a 30-second cooldown like it used to be, but blue powder only comes from ore processing so this will limit the /all flooding.

Multiclient: Our client will support dual-client. Do not edit or manipulate game files to open more than 2 clients at a time.

Class Buffs: We have flattened all class buffs to 300seconds so that they expire at the same time. 1080 seconds is far too long and removes the window for counterplay.

Aggro/Silence Generators: Pure tanks will receive permanent aggro gens on class change. Silence generators are still in NPC. This will prevent a single spec from holding aggro on pb's and making it less likely to solo farm them all. For people xclassing to pure tank, you can just sell them to NPC. For anyone selling them to NPC, you will not be able to obtain them again.

Classic NPC's: Guard towers are in elan and guild room, traps are in Elan/OCL, HQ has 4k/5k potions. No 6k pots, this will make it so animus, maus, etc. don't need to be as strong. This makes DPS classes more viable too, not just spiking through huge pots with a couple skills.

Classic Battle Dungeons: Level 40, 45, 50 leon pieces will reward from the classic dungeons 41-45, 46-49, 50-55. There will still be Leon boxes you can exchange from talics. 50-55 Battle Dungeons will give 50(55) C-Type armors, int 53 armors, int 55 weapons. 45-49 Dark Holes drop 40(45) and 45(50) C-Type weapons. 50-55 Hora Dark Holes will drop Hora Dark Hole boxes.

Gold Points: We like what items these brought to the game(except for already upgraded weapons you could directly buy) but we decided to move them to PVP Points. This will mean people will actively PVP instead of actively farm(avoiding pvp) to get their items.

PVP Points: We're going to use these for Gold Point items and PVP Point items. All the PVP point items will be able to be traded. If you worked for it and decide to sell/trade it, why shouldn't you be allowed to? PVP Points will be what you farm for. You can also take away someone's PVP Point farming efforts they've worked so hard for! Current PVP Point Items are... Classic PVP Weapons, Rare D and E 50 Weapons +0, T1/T2/T3 BM/OCL Amulets/Rings, T5 gem sets, and Red Stone boxes so we can make sure there's enough materials for C type armor crafting.

Ammo: Foreign Vendor has the cash shop vulcan and beam gun ammo. There was a difference in base damage between the elemental 1k shot that foreign vendor has by default and the 10k shot cash shop ammo pieces. We think everyone pretty much knows that the cash shop ammo is a requirement for rangers to be viable at all so we put those into foreign vendor instead.

Animus: What's the point of having a sympathy charm if you have to have damage staff equipped for it to have any impact. Also the charm needed 5 pieces for the full effect. Instead we've removed the charm and changed the base damage of isis and hecate instead. We balanced the damage by finding a value that dealt 2-3k hits to 55int launcher armors by a pure summoner using 55 isis. We then took the new attack power for isis compared to the old attack power for isis to find out how much of a % increase to the original isis attack was required to make it viable. We then applied this to all the isis levels to keep it consistent through the levels.

GVG & +4 Ore: GVG had to be removed so that people cannot bug set bonuses with council armor, ancient armor, and other sets. Since no guilds will be able to win settlement possession we had to think of a way to get +4 ore to players. The original system with GVG provided the same amount of +4 ore to all 3 races through their 2 settlements. We liked that it was a fair amount for all the races and it wasn't endless however one downside was that there could be a monopoly on the ore. We have added 5 stacks of +4 ore to the guild room NPC that refills every 12 hours.